Invite Doc To Your Event!

Planning a Festival, Special Event, Library Program, Camp or Weekend of Festivities? Why not invite Award Winning Storyteller Stephen “Doc” Hollen to come on down, set up the Medicine Show Wagon and sell a little Snake Oil?

The “Wonder Wagon” as Stephen “Doc” Hollen calls it draws a crowd all by itself. (It is set up with a PA system in the event that electricity is available, but don’t worry if it is not, Doc has no trouble being heard… “ol’ Leather Lungs” his Mama calls him) Add to that all the wonders and mysteries and you have an old time Medicine Show!

As a crowd gathers he will perform amazing tricks with his tiny flea Freddy, maybe play a song on his harmonica or even drag out a cigar box guitar! Amazing stories and tall tales will entertain all ages. The Medicine Show is interactive and folks will be drawn in to help entertain.

And then, just wait for it… The Eye of Osirus, a “gen-u-wine” mummy eye might follow the eyes of the audience, or perhaps Doc will reveal his giant prehistoric flea, found frozen in the tundra of Siberia on a wooly mammoth!

With amazing products like “Tincture of Papyrus” or maybe “Pure Radium Water” and of course, “Doc Hollen’s Snake Oil” (three snakes guaranteed in each bottle) and the “Original Extract”, Doc will amaze young and old as he makes the blind to walk again, the lame to see. He has a cure for male baldness, snake bite and anything else that ails folks.

Of course Doc is a flim flam man, a quack, charlatan and hasn’t cured anyone to date… but the Medicine Show is plain old good fun for the family and kids of all ages. Once each hour Doc Hollen will perform, usually about 20-30 minutes, depending on the crowd interaction. The rest of the time Doc holds court under the bright red, blue and yellow canopy at the back of the Medicine Show Wagon. There is always a story to be told, a flea that gets loose or just Doc saying “Howdy” to folks.

Doc Hollen considers this an all day performance in many ways. He stays on site and available the entire time he is scheduled at your event. Occasionally he might wander away with his medical bag to find folks in need of his “special” care.


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