Step Right Up

Good Day Folks!

Welcome to the virtual home of ol’ Doc Hollen, Impresario, Purveyor of Potent Potables, Raconteur, Master of the Mystical. In the mountains of Appalachia he might be known as a Herb Man or as some would say years ago a “Yarb Doctor” (Yarb = Herb).

If you are hurting and conflicted with aches and swellings, sprains, sore chests, poor chests, even empty hope chests, contracted cords or retracted muscles, stiff joints, wrenches, pinches, dislocations, revocations, cuts, corns or bruises, try Doc Hollen’s Tincture of Papyrus elixir for instantaneous relief.

Doc Hollen might even make the blind to walk again, the lame to see. He knows a cure for the common cold and for the right money will sell you a bottle of Doc Hollen’s Original Extract. That very extract is made of only the purest ingredients! Pure Spring Water, Pure Corn Mash, Pure Yeast and Pure Cane Sugar! Only the finest ingredients for Doc Hollen’s patients!

Wally, Doc Hollen's assistant, bottle washer and brew whang doodler

Untouched by human hands! Prepared in copper equipment passed down through generations of folks dedicated to separating patients from the cares of this world and their bankrolls!

Wally before inhaling Doc Hollen's Medicine for all these years

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